One Time Session

Think you are on a good path but want a consultation to get some new ideas on how to stay Activated? Book a 50 minute session of undivided attention!

6 Month Program

Change takes time, but if you are ready it will fly by like nothing!

Over 24 weeks we will look at your Nutrition, Movement, Time Management as well as build new habits to help you work towards a more Activated YOU! We will make goals and reach them, adapt some aspects of your lifestyle and help you master the skills you need to keep yourself strong and healthy so you can care for your loved one!

This plan includes a Pantry Makeover to detox your kitchen, a Supermarket Tour to show you how to shop more efficiently (both for your budget and health) and 24 private, 45 minute sessions with lots of tools and accountability to help you Activate your Amazing Self!

Book your first Health History Session and lets get Activated!


I often host free workshops on Mind and Body Hacking which you are more than welcome to join.

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