Do you spend all day caring for a loved one?

What about your own health?

Special Needs Life

Special need parents often spend every waking moment caring or worrying about somebody they love. This is why there has to be a balance to fill up your cup, otherwise there will be little left to give.


Biohacking activates our bodies on a molecular level to make sure that we are functioning optimally and don’t have to worry about our health as we care for others.

Health Coaching

Health is so much more than just nutrition and exercise so adding healthy hacks to your daily routines can start to Activate your Mind, Body and Soul in ways you had long forgotten about.

I cover a wide range of topics, but the focus is always on Bio-individuality. The understanding that everybody is different and their own biological individual.

What works for one, does not work for all, that is why I work hand in hand with my clients to help them find what works for them.

That is what a Health Coach does, and that’s what I can do for you.

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About Me

Although I started out on this journey alone I quickly realized how much easier it was when I had somebody to talk to. Somebody who understood my situation and who could slowly but surely guide me along my path to re-discovery. This is why I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

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